We are experts with regard to procurement support.  We will develop the bidding documents, obtain quotes, prepare bid tabs, and award.  After award, we follow through and expedite the order to ensure that the materials and equipment arrive on site, on time and per the specification.  We have strong relationships with suppliers across the industry.

​We are true experts at engineering industrial and manufacturing projects.  We focus on projects with large industrial equipment, piping, tanks, heavy foundations, critical environments, and special purpose systems.  With our strong industrial background, we prepare the engineering package to reduce the overall job costs, while maximizing quality, and minimizing the schedule. 

Engineering done Right - Safe/Quality/fast/low cost.



Waggoner EPC specializes in supporting your company's capital expansions plans with Engineering and Procurement services.  Depending on the needs of your company, we can provide full engineering packages, and provide full procurement.  We are dedicated engineers and designers, focused on making your project a true success.    

We specialize in capital expansion projects for the Manufacturing of Food and Beverage, Heavy Industrial, Hydrocarbon Midstream.

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